Become A Country Fusion ® Star With The One Day, Seven Hour Instructor Certification Course

Country Fusion ® Star Instructor Certification Course provides you with the background you will need to become a Country Fusion ® Star. In this course, you will learn what Country Fusion™ is and how to dance the Country Fusion ® dances.

  • Discover the history of Country Fusion ®
  • Learn about the set-up of a Country Fusion ® Class; such as the HIIT intervals, wild card songs, and how the class is designed to work your whole body
  • Become familiar with Country Line Dancing Terms and dance steps like TAGS, Restarts, Rocking Chair, Pivots, Grapevines and Shuffles
  • Dance to classic country songs and learn classic country line dances
  • Gain an understanding of the human anatomy and learn modifications to help students perform their best
  • Learn how to assess a class and make students feel confident and comfortable

As a Country Fusion ® Star, you will receive discounts on Country Fusion ® apparel and will receive support from Country Fusion ® on how to market and promote your Country Fusion ® classes. You will also receive a list of the songs that are used in the Country Fusion™ work out class and will receive the choreography to the songs.

Upon the completion of the certification class and passing the Country Fusion ® Certification quiz, you will receive a Certificate of Completion indicating that you have successfully completed the Country Fusion ® Certification class.

Upcoming training sessions:

Country Fusion® burns 500+ calories in one 50 minute session! It is centered around country line dancing with 4 wildcard (non-country) dances.



Sunday, Aug 6th from  10 AM to 3 PM. Country Fusion ®  will  be  hosting an instructor certification course at Dream Dance Studio (1451  US - 46, Ledgewood, NJ 07852).



Q: I want to become certified as a Country Fusion Certified Instructor, but there are no upcoming sessions located near me, how can I become an instructor?

A: Contact Country Fusion at and provide your contact information and location, at we will work on bringing a Country Fusion class to a location near you.


Q: What are the next steps after I become a Country Fusion certified instructor?

A: After becoming a certified instructor, you will need to ensure that you are trained in CPR/AED – once you have taken the CPR/AED class, you will be able to begin to start instructing classes and grow your Country Fusion business.