Why Bachelorette’s Love CountryFusion

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Nashville has been the top spot for bachelorette parties for a long time; here’s why.

Nashville, the capital city of Tennessee with more monikers than can be kept up with, is also known as Nashvegas, and for a good reason. The city, the second-largest in Tennessee and the most populous in the state is a hot spot for tourists because of its vast assortment of music clubs and unending stream of entertainment and music festivals. 

Its terrific history in the entertainment and music scene earned it the nickname Music City. It got Athens of the South due to its numberless educational institutions, and its 700-plus churches earned it the moniker – The Protestant Vatican. Taking all this into account, it is no wonder it is called Nashvegas and one of the most desirable locations for bachelorette parties.

Once in 2017, the city counted over thirty bachelorette parties on a Friday night, all thanks to the unending number of bars in the city. But could it simply be the infinite number of bars that appeal to the bride, or is it something else that draws everyone to Nashville days before their wedding? There is, indeed, more than the clubs to explore. 

Unforgettable Bachelorette Parties

Several companies in Nashville specialize in throwing bachelorette parties, and you will agree that they are not in bad business for this city. They offer an adrenalin-inducing list of activities for you and your girls to revel in before the big day. One of such companies is our company CountryFusion. CountryFusion offers fitness and dance classes and also throws unforgettable bachelorette parties.

CountryFusion, offers incredibly entertaining line dancing and pole dancing as part of the night’s activities. Both activities are geared towards having fun, dancing, and burning calories, all at the same time. 

Our pole or line dancing classes in our bachelorette party package last for an hour and a half. You get to pick between either of the dances. Line dancing, as the name suggests, involves a group of people (the bride and her friends, in this case) dancing to a set of choreographed steps in one or more lines. These dances usually have names connected to the specific songs they are being moved to. You and your girls have fun while learning the steps and burn some calories as you enter the flow.

Pole dancing, often seen only as a sensual dance, is actually a great form of fitness and dance that takes place on a vertical pole. Sensuality is indeed a big part of it, and this part of it adds a nice touch to bachelorette parties. The dance requires, and in turn increases, strength and flexibility. It’s so much fun to see your girls let loose and bring out their inner fabulous selves while dancing. 

In addition to the dance classes, we offer a champagne toast, a gift bag, gourmet cupcakes, cheese, and chicken platters, and, of course, infinite photo ops for your next Instagram post. Click this link to check out CountryFusion’s packages for your bachelorette party.