What is Country Fusion® for Kids?

Country Fusion® For Kids is a program that will better the lives of every participant. Outside of the fitness workout, the program will allow participants to use their body more effectively, improving their overall health and fitness while learning how to dance and engage socially. In turn, this will build an unbreakable confidence they will carry throughout their life.

Country Fusion® For Kids is not just a fitness program but also a lifestyle.

Country Fusion

Country Fusion® For Kids was built on the foundation of respect, motivation, and to inspire all who participate in the program. Every instructor must practice and display compassion, discipline, and motivation in their classes. All participants will be treated with an equal amount of respect, no matter what age, sex, weight, or fitness/dance ability they possess.

Country Fusion® For Kids was created to build confidence in ourselves and others. Our instructors will inspire those in their classes to go beyond their own expectations and help discover something within themselves. You’ll soon discover that Country Fusion® For Kids is just not a dance fitness class, but a lifestyle.

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Country Fusion
Country Fusion

If you would like to become a certified Country Fusion Kids instructor, click here to get started on the certification process.

Country Fusion is more than an amazing dance and fitness program – it’s a lifestyle choice. I started as a client a few years back, and right from the beginning, I knew that this was something different. I soon saw results – both in the mirror, and in my feelings about myself as well. I quickly gained confidence and stamina as the inches and pounds fell away. The positive energy in the classes, the fun and current line dances taught, the encouragement and confidence-building from Liz Mooney, all had such a major impact on me that I eventually went through certification and became a Country Fusion instructor myself! I continue to take classes with Liz, but now I get to share what I’ve learned with my own clients, all of whom rave about the program and the changes it has brought in their own lives. Younger or older, male or female, at any level of fitness, Country Fusion will work for anyone, I’m living proof. And best of all – it’s SO MUCH FUN!

—Dee Drake, Country Fusion Instructor, Northern NJ

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