What is Country Fusion®?

Country Fusion is not just a workout program; it is a lifestyle! Learn line dancing in Nashville with Country Fusion! Participants attend a 50-minute class, where they can burn about 500 calories in a LIIT-based line dance workout. The class focuses on actual country line dances, while “fusing” four other types of dances and music, including honky-tonk and two-step.

Participants in Country Fusion will see improvements across the board, in their overall muscle endurance, fat loss and weight management, improved core and joint strength, better coordination, balance, and memory. The class can be modified for all ages and levels of ability!

What is Country Fusion
Country Fusion

Those looking for a more challenging cardio-based workout can take a class that includes more advanced line dances that include jumps and spins. Seniors and kids can take a class with more basic dances with more repetitive moves and fewer challenging dance moves. However, they are still moving and grooving for their 50 minutes! The popularity of country music is huge and spans all demographics, just like this workout program.

Country Fusion doesn’t just end at the gym, participants can take their moves to the local nightlife and country music concerts! Venues that host country music events are the perfect place to go to show off new Country Fusion moves, practice what has been learned in class, and meet others who love country music and dance. Since Country Fusion consists of actual line dances, class attendees learn a skill that can be applied to dancing at other venues. Country Fusion members find themselves fully engaged in a whole new lifestyle and all of the new opportunities that come with it!

Country Fusion Star Instructors find so many opportunities with their new certification. Each instructor gains the creativity and flexibility to decide on the types of dances of their four “Fusion” songs. Styles such as salsa, cha-cha, swing, merengue, belly dance, etc. can be fused into the workout. This allows participants in the workout the chance to try different instructors, as no two will be alike.

Star Instructors may teach at local gyms to group fitness classes, or can rent their own space in dance studios, or public halls and create their own schedule. And that’s the best part of being a Country Fusion Star Instructor, the job opportunities that open up outside of a traditional fitness class. Instructors can book events teaching line dances at child/parent country-themed dances or other private parties and events. In addition, instructors can lead country line dance nights at community nightlife venues and concerts and encourage their fitness clientele to attend and show off all of their skills. The possibilities are endless with this certification.

Country Fusion
Country Fusion

Adding Country Fusion to your class schedule will grab the attention of many members who love to dance, but are just tired of the current Latin and hip-hop trends in fitness music. Some members who love country music and are looking to get into a new workout that makes them feel good and they recognize their favorite songs and musicians. Other members that may have been intimidated by the potentially difficult moves in the Latin and hip-hop styles can find their comfort zone with Country Fusion style because of the more approachable style of dance. The workout is fresh and unique, approachable for all levels of ability, and creates a comradery among its students in and out of the gym.

Country Fusion is more than an amazing dance and fitness program – it’s a lifestyle choice. I started as a client a few years back, and right from the beginning, I knew that this was something different. I soon saw results – both in the mirror, and in my feelings about myself as well. I quickly gained confidence and stamina as the inches and pounds fell away. The positive energy in the classes, the fun and current line dances taught, the encouragement and confidence-building from Liz Mooney, all had such a major impact on me that I eventually went through certification and became a Country Fusion instructor myself! I continue to take classes with Liz, but now I get to share what I’ve learned with my own clients, all of whom rave about the program and the changes it has brought in their own lives. Younger or older, male or female, at any level of fitness, Country Fusion will work for anyone, I’m living proof. And best of all – it’s SO MUCH FUN!

—Dee Drake, Country Fusion Instructor, Northern NJ

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