Country Fusion is more than an amazing dance and fitness program – it’s a lifestyle choice. I started as a client a few years back, and right from the beginning, I knew that this was something different. I soon saw results – both in the mirror, and in my feelings about myself as well. I quickly gained confidence and stamina as the inches and pounds fell away. The positive energy in the classes, the fun and current line dances taught, the encouragement and confidence-building from Liz Mooney, all had such a major impact on me that I eventually went through certification and became a Country Fusion instructor myself! I continue to take classes with Liz, but now I get to share what I’ve learned with my own clients, all of whom rave about the program and the changes it has brought in their own lives. Younger or older, male or female, at any level of fitness, Country Fusion will work for anyone, I’m living proof. And best of all – it’s SO MUCH FUN!

—Dee Drake, Country Fusion Instructor, Northern NJ

Country Fusion has given me a way to enjoy my country music through dance!! Love it!

—Aleisy Carnero

I have never been a fan of going to the gym, so country fusion is perfect: you get an amazing workout that is great fun, along with making a bunch of new friends. I’m 61 years old and in the best shape of my life. Thank you Liz!

—Jean Pollard

I am so happy to be a part of the Country Fusion family, it has changed my life. Just emerging from a very difficult time in my life, Liz was so welcoming to me. I look forward to taking her classes for the exercise, good music and dance! I am becoming more confident, have made new friendships and have more social opportunities thanks to everyone involved with Country Fusion.

Keep the boots stomping Liz!!!!

—Nancy Diaz

County Fusion has been offered at our Y since November of 2018. We currently have 3 instructors employed with us. The class gets a nice range of participants as it is an easy to follow format. Recently we added a 30 minute Country Fusion line dance lesson to the schedule prior to the full class. Members have found this to be a great asset to the class as the instructors takes a song and breaks it down so they can truly learn the moves then apply it during class.

—Kathy Lamia, Group Fitness Coordinator, RANDOLPH YMCA

Country Fusion has been a hugely popular and fun fitness addition to our equestrian camp program here at Saddle Ridge Riding Center. The kids love it, and keep coming back for more, the parents love to see their performance every Friday, and it is one of the wonderful aspects of our horseback riding camp that makes our program such a unique standout in Northern New Jersey. Dee, our certified Country Fusion instructor, is such a warm and high-energy motivator, and she definitely knows how to keep our campers moving. It’s a Country Fusion dance party every time!

—Gina DeMuro, Owner, Saddle Ridge Riding Center

I have been involved in athletics all my life including varsity sports in high school and in college as well as obtaining a black belt in martial arts. Country Fusion is a great workout for the mind and body while having fun that brings all ages and ability levels together.

—Lori Healy

3 1/2 years ago I joined a country fitness class and fell in love with Country Fusion. I look forward to each class they’re exciting, never boring, a great workout and I happen to love country music. I’m 72 now and feel better than I did 10 years ago thanks to Liz Mooney. More fit in body and mind. So no matter what age you are COUNTRY FUSION is for you.

—Ronnie Varisco

Really great class – fun and a fantastic workout. It is like a country version of Zumba plus a few others such as latin, belly dancing and burlesque. I recommend you give it a try!

—Joananne Bachmann

Liz’s classes never disappoint! Liz motivates her students and makes working out fun, I always leave class feeling like I got an excellent workout while having a great time!

—Kait Lyn

I took your Country Fusion class Friday morning (7:30am)! Absolutely loved it! Loved the music, your choreography, your style and energy! Thanks.

—Katyi Janney

My name is Alexa and I will be 20 years old in about a month. I would like to explain a little bit of my story and thank you for creating Country Fusion

On March 10th of this year I took my first Country Line Dance Lesson and Country Fusion class at the Randolph YMCA with the instructor Krysta Kulesa. Krysta is an amazing instructor and I love her classes and have been going almost every single week since I started. I have also had some classes with Kara, and she is really great too! The country fusion classes at the Y are really different from the other classes offered as all of us in the class really get to know and support each other.

On June 5th I was rear ended by a ram truck and was not able to return to the Y for about five weeks. As a result of my accident I had whiplash and neck and back pain and spasms and six weeks of physical therapy and medication. I emailed Kathy, the program coordinator of the Y to ask her to tell Krysta what had happened to me. I got an email from Krysta and we continued to email back and forth during my time in recovery. One of the weeks she even sent me a photo of the class, hoping that it would help me feel better and it really made me smile. It was so amazing that Krysta continued to check in with me, as I waited to get cleared by the physical therapist to go back to class. I really missed going to class during this time.

I was able to return to class this past Sunday, July 14th, even though I am still in physical therapy, and it was incredible. Krysta and all my classmates had written me get well soon cards and were giving hugs and were all just so kind. This is the first and only fitness class I have encountered in my life so far that feels like a community of people who care about not only the class, but their classmates.

I started going to the YMCA in February of this year, as I left Jazzercise, something I had done during the summers and in between my school schedule since I was about 14 years old.

Country Fusion is my favorite class at the YMCA and I am so thankful for Krysta for being such an amazing instructor and to you for creating this program. Country Fusion is really fun and just so different from any other fitness class I’ve ever taken. As someone with low muscle tone, food allergies, asthma and anxiety this is the first class I feel like I am capable of doing and keeping up with. Every week I look forward to class as Country Fusion is my favorite part of each week.

Thank you so much for everything.

—Alexa Wyszkowski

I’ve been a country fusion Instructor for more than a year now and love every minute of it! It’s the first job I’ve had where I leave happier than coming in. It’s amazing to watch your class grow and improve with time. Nothing is better than seeing smiling faces or watching someone finally get a dance they have been working on for a bit. I’m so grateful to have found Country Fusion. It has given me the opportunity to improve my own personal practice, but to share my love of country Line Dance with others.

—Krysta Kulesa