Country Fusion® & Dance

Country Fusion® is a new fitness workout that incorporates country music and dance

Country Fusion® Intro



Country Fusion® & Dance

Country Fusion® is a new fitness workout that incorporates country music and dance. This workout can burn up to 500 calories in its 50min class! Country Fusion®  is designed for all levels, ages, and for male and females. The fitness aspect increases your heart rate which then speeds up your metabolism and you burn calories. The dance aspect you are learning how to dance, flexibility, and correct posture alignment. The dance consists of country, latin, hip hop, jazz, and swing. This is a total body workout that you will be addicted to. Learning how to dance, getting an amazing workout all while having fun!

Country Fusion®  is created and founded by Elizabeth Mooney. Elizabeth has been a dancer since the age of 2 and has taught fitness for 10 years now. She has produced and directed her own Off Broadway show and has owned her own dance studio in NY. She recently moved to NJ where she now resides and has started Country Fusion®. Her certifications include AFAA Personal Trainer, Zumba, Pole Dance, Pound, Zumbatonic, Barre Assets, and training in BOSU, Bootcamp, HIIT, and Cardio Tai Box. Also CPR/AED certified and founder of Burlesque Booty Camp as well as Country Fusion®.

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Hello and welcome to Country Fusion!  Now you can practice, workout, and dance anywhere!  Each month with your subscription you will get a new line dance that will be broken down and taught.  The next video, you will dance with me to the song and receive a bonus workout video. Sign up here and create your login.

With your membership, you will have access to line dance video tutorials, workout tips, and all different workout videos. You will now be able to practice, dance and workout from your home or on the go.

After sign up you can login and find the videos page or navigate to the Menu Tab "Line Dance and Fitness Tutorials".

Class Schedule


Accents on Dance
139 Route 10 East, Succasunna, NJ 07876
5-6pm Beginner Country Fusion
6-7pm Total Body Sculpt
7-8pm Country Fusion®


Accents on Dance
139 Route 10 East, Succasunna, NJ 07876
10:30-1130am Country Fusion®
11:30-12:30pm Barre

730-830pm Country Fusion® Advance
830-930pm Broadway Dance Class


No Schedule Classes



Accents on Dance
139 Route 10 East, Succasunna, NJ 07876
10:30-11:30am Country Fusion®
11:30am-12:30pm Total Body Sculpt

Patricks Pub in Hopatcong, NJ
8-10pm Line Dance Lessons
No cover


Accents on Dance
139 Route 10 East, Succasunna, NJ 07876
6:30-7:30pm Country Fusion®
7-7:30pm Burlesque Booty Camp

Legends Bar and Grill
9-11pm Line Dance Lessons
No Cover


Accents on Dance
139 Route 10 East, Succasunna, NJ 07876
9-10am Country Fusion®
11-11:30am Barre Bootcamp


Country Fusion Packages:

All classes are $15 each.
Discount packages are available.

5 classes for $65 (exp. 60 days)

10 classes for $125 (exp. 90 days)
Monthly unlimited $99

Please bring a Mat with you or keep in your car.  Most classes you will need a mat except Country Fusion® and Broadway Dance Class.  If you do have weights and will like to use your own you can bring them as well.  There will be weights provided.

Also, please bring a second pair of shoes into the dance room no street shoes.  Wear proper workout attire, leg warmers are encouraged in the winter months to prevent muscle injuries and to keep muscles warm.  Please bring water and come fully hydrated to class.

Referral program: $5 off any package when you bring a friend.

Personal Training

$75 an hour, discount packages available.


Class Descriptions

Country Fusion Beginner

Country Fusion® Beginner is designed for those that want to try Country Fusion® but feel they want to learn the dances a little more before attending. Dances will be broken down in this class.

Barre Bootcamp

Barre Bootcamp is a ballet based workout incorporating light weights and the mat. This class is loved by everyone! Full body conditioning, toning, elongating, gaining flexibility and balance is practiced in this class. Light weights tone your arms, full lower body workout at the barre, class ends with core exercises and a deep stretch with concentration on our breathing. You will feel taller, more aware of your body, and see and feel the difference with Barre Bootcamp.

Broadway Dance Class

Learn how to dance and use proper form while having fun. This is a dance class where you will learn dance terminology as well as choreographed routines broken down. Learn famous dances seen in movies and on Broadway, as well as music videos. Broadway Dance is for everyone and all levels.


Country Fusion Advance

Country Fusion Advance is designed to amp up Country Fusion® with more advanced line dances that will be broken down.

Burlesque Booty Camp

This class is for everyone at all levels and ages. We start with an isolation warm up, then head to the barre or chair for a full lower body workout. Class ends with a sexy routine and this is all done in heels not to mention the burn in your thighs you will feel. You will also learn classic burlesque moves and terminology and will incorporate feather boas time to time.

Total Body Sculpt

If you want that bikini body and to get stronger this is the class that must be in your schedule. We will use weights for a Total Body Sculpt. Toning are arms, back, legs, abs, glutes, all with free weights and dripping with sweat.

Belly, Butt and Thighs

To target those hard to reach areas and really feel that burn while seeing your body form this class is essential! We will use a mat, weights, kettle bells and our own body weight to define our Belly, Butt, and Thighs. You will definitely feel the results in this class!

Country Fusion® Fitness Class!!!

Posted by Country Fusion on Monday, March 7, 2016

Country Fusion® Fitness Class!!

Posted by Country Fusion on Monday, March 7, 2016


Really great class - fun and a fantastic workout. It is like a country version of Zumba plus a few others such as latin, belly dancing and burlesque. I recommend you give it a try!

Joananne Bachmann

Liz's classes never disappoint! Liz motivates her students and makes working out fun, I always leave class feeling like I got an excellent workout while having a great time!

Kait Lyn

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