Where To Take Two Step Dance Lessons In Nashville

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All country music fans know that two step was created specifically for dancing, and there are a variety of genres to dance freely to. If you have not already, you must try the Two Step, one of the most popular dance styles.

Even if you are already an expert at this dance, do you know its history? If not, kick off your dance shoes and continue reading. Next time you are at the Country Fusion, a little study will enable you to showcase your knowledge and dancing skills.

The Origin of The Two Step

As with many great things in history, it is difficult to pinpoint the origin of the Two Step. However, it did not appear spontaneously one day. Instead, it was essentially a combination of the Foxtrot and the One Step, two popular dances from the past. All of this occurred in the early 1800s, and these genres originated in the waltzes that were popular in Europe then. The original name for this dance was “Valse a Deux temps,” but a French term did not fit the spirit of the dance. Therefore, they later changed to “two step.”

Development of The Two Step

The Two Step has seen numerous alterations throughout the years, but the early days of the dance were popularized by music composed by the renowned musician John Philip Sousa. In 1889, he composed a song titled the Washington Post March, and the tune’s rhythm prompted people to abandon traditional gliding dances in favor of the Two Step.

Interestingly, the song was titled after a well-known newspaper in our nation’s capital. The newspaper was organizing an essay contest awards event and wanted patriotic music to be played. Therefore, the United States Marine band leader composed the song, and you may thank the newspaper industry for inspiring one of your favorite activities! 

These early dances differed significantly from the Two Step that you dance today. Back then, there were numerous variations of the Foxtrot, but what is significant is that one- and two-step dances began to gain popularity. When children were learning how to square dance, they particularly enjoyed doing these steps, and they found them so enjoyable that they wanted to continue doing them as adults.

Evolution of The Two Step

People made numerous modifications to the dance over the years, but one event, in particular, disseminated it far and wide. People were naturally intrigued by John Travolta’s dance talents in the 1980 film Urban Cowboy, which featured him. The fact that it takes place mostly in a bar called Gilley’s in the Lone Star State is another reason why this dance is sometimes stamped with the state’s name.

However, since a name was agreed upon, the Two Step has undergone numerous modifications. In the beginning, dancers moved in a straight line across the dance floor, but this eventually evolved into the circular rhythm we know and love today.

Dance The Two Step With Us!

Dancing is not something that you can learn from a book or even a video. Where there is great country, western music, cowboy hats, and lots of pals is where you need to be. 

Do you wish to study these techniques on your own? Sign up for Two Step classes at the Country Fusion and prepare your boots! Lessons for two can be had in a group setting or alone. We will have you dancing the night away like a true country pro in no time.