Why Bachelorette Pole Dance Parties are the Ultimate Girls’ Night Out

bacehelorette party line dancing

Why sit at a rowdy cold restaurant or bar stuffing yourself with calories at a bachelorette party? Yes, eating is fun, but there is something much more fun for all to do pole dancing. A pole dancing party has loads of benefits. Let’s get the party started with these great reasons. 

Bring Out The Kid in You

We get tired of living in the adult world with all the protocols and politics. Then let your inner child come out without being judged. Instead, enjoy a pole dancing party to be silly and learn how to spin around the dance pole. Be daring to lift your feet off the ground and rotate as if you’re on the merry-go-round. It might feel uncontrolled, but you and your besties will feel free. 

Become Sociable 

While pole dancing is an active event, it brings all BFFs together for a social evening. The pole party hostess will teach you many dance moves, and there is no awkwardness among friends. Why? As you are too busy trying to figure out the actions. One thing is for sure the girls will have no trouble talking as the dance pole does the work for you. 

Enjoy Dance Studio Rentals 

The main perk of a pole dancing party is you need not plan an event as you have overcome the biggest hurdle at the venue. Hence, you have a private space removing all the stress of planning a party. In addition, you have a central place where the girls can meet, and you can reserve your bachelorette party at any time.

Super Affordable 

You need not splurge as your pole dancing party will be affordable. Instead, enjoy a full hour of entertainment with a champagne toast to the bride-to-be. You can enjoy learning some moves by dancing around a pole to photo sessions to capture the moment. In addition, you can bring some refreshments and add a theme to your party. 

The Lessons Go On Long After The Lights Go Out

To get the best value for your money, a pole dance party will let the memories live on. With the movements learned, you can continue practicing it at home to perfect it alone. The body movements also provide you with fast and adequate exercise. You can use it or show off your coolness on your romantic night out. 

As you can see, hosting a pole dance party is a great way to add fun to the bachelorette celebrations. Contact Country Fusion to host your next bachelorette party adding pole dancing, line dancing, to even a sexy stiletto strut dance to your important event.