Instructor Certification Bundle of 3


This bundle includes all 3 certifications at a $125 discount:
  • Country Fusion® Star Certification Course
  • Country Fusion® Kids Certification Course
  • Country Fusion® Aquatic Certification Course

Country Fusion® Star Instructor Certification Course provides you with the background you will need to become a Country Fusion® Star. In this course, you will learn what Country Fusion® is and how to dance the Country Fusion® dances.

  • Discover the history of Country Fusion®
  • Learn about the set-up of a Country Fusion® Class; such as the LIIT intervals, wild card songs, and how the class is designed to work your whole body
  • Become familiar with Country Line Dancing Terms and dance steps like TAGS, Restarts, Rocking Chair, Pivots, Grapevines and Shuffles
  • Dance to classic country songs and learn classic country line dances
  • Gain an understanding of the human anatomy and learn modifications to help students perform their best
  • Learn how to assess a class and make students feel confident and comfortable

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Additional Info

As a Country Fusion® Star, you will receive discounts on Country Fusion® apparel and will receive support from Country Fusion® on how to market and promote your Country Fusion® classes. You will also receive a list of the songs that are used in the Country Fusion® work out class and will receive the choreography to the songs.

Your certification includes an instructor’s manual, reference videos, and certification exam. Once you’ve completed all certification steps, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Country Fusion® burns 500+ calories in one 50 minute session! It is centered around country line dancing with 4 wildcard (non-country) dances.


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